How To Develop a Marketing Graphic

The Indoor Gardens - How to Develop a Marketing Graphic

Marketing / March 1, 2017

We recently released a garden theme blog, The Indoor Gardens. Part of our work for this site was to develop a content strategy that will successfully push traffic to the site. While a lot has gone into the overall marketing strategy, the focus of this article is going to be on a specific graphic we designed for the campaign. One thing people forget about developing a content strategy is that it encompass not just text based content, but visual mediums as well. We want to go over some of the points that we feel make this particular graphic an effective marketing tool, and hopefully provide some tips for future marketing ideas!

This simple graphic does a lot, and really ends up being quite the effective piece of marketing. Let's break down why this is a good piece of content.

It Provides Value

First and foremost, it provides value. If you're looking to grow english ivy, then the two most important aspects, light and water, are clearly stated. This is key, good content always gives back to the visitor. If you're trying to create content that doesn't provide some type of value to your visitors you're going to be fighting an up-hill battle, and you're going to have a hard time satisfying the other points. What your site's visitors want is obviously going to be different based on the niche you are in. Doing some research into what content to present is key; before any other step is taken. Don't skimp here or you'll waste time putting out content that isn't wanted or needed.

It's Easy to Digest and Knows Its Purpose

For this graphic its main goal is provide a brief overview, and get the read interested in more. To that end we wanted to keep it brief and easily digestible. Those that are interest then know where they can get more. There's a time and place for long form copy or complex info-graphs, but in this case we don't think it would have been a good fit. Your content needs to know what its for just as much as who its for.

It Promotes Sharing

In today's age of social media having content not intended to be shared is a mistake. We tried to create content that fit into this that people would want to share. To that end, we also made sure that we ourselves were posting these graphics to our social media and that they made sense to do so.

It Shows Where to Get More

Notice in the lower right hand corner we have the brand logo. It's easy to forget but there should always be some sort of visual que back to your brand. Our graphics are always linked back to our site, but not everyone is going to click your link or read any associated text containing. Therefore it's essential to have some sort of way to further your brand. Even if they don't click it you start getting that repetition in the viewers head.

While simple, there was a good amount of thought put into the contents and purpose of this image. It's not too difficult to create good graphic content, but does require some thought before jumping in. We hope that this has given you some ideas for your next great piece of content!

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