Introducing Write.IT

Write.IT Note Taking App

Introducing Write.IT

Development / July 11, 2018

We're super excited to introduce our newest app Write.IT. It's a minimal note taking app available today for Iphones. Check it out! We think it's the simplest to use app of its kind on the market, and are really excited to finally release it to the public!

Another Note Taking App?

We know what you're thinking, another note taking app? What for?
We hear you, and that's why we made Write.IT different. Our goal was to stip down the note taking process down to the bare minimum, while providing an easy to use and elegant interface.

Write.IT is built to be the basic experience, with only a few added extras added on to give it a little extra kick. We really want to get away from all the features that only serve to distract. Our key features are:

1. A Minimal Interface

Our first goal was to keep everything easy to use for anyone. We created Write.IT with a minimal interface, and only two simple views. This let's you focus on your notes, and not how to use the app.

2. Make a List or a Note

Write.IT isn't just for notes, but also comes with the ability to create lists. We didn't want to limit the functionality to single notes. Lists come with the ability to complete both the list itself, as well as individual items.

3. Everything is Searchable

A simple search lets you look through all your past notes and lists. Combined with the ability to hide completed notes (mentioned below) you can easily look through all your current items as well as past ones.

4. Swipe Away Everything

Part of our minimal interface is the intuitive design. With a simple swipe you can complete or delete your notes and lists. It couldn't be easier to more user friendly.

5. A Bit Of Extra

While minimalism is at the heart of Write.IT we also wanted there to be a bit of extra features to lend a hand. We decided on due dates, the ability to hide completed items, and a dark mode. These are all simple and intuitive, and add some powerful functionality without being intrusive.

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Get It Today

Write.IT is available for Iphones today at a low price of only .99. If you're looking for an easy to use note taking app give it a shot and let us know what you think!

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