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The Indoor Gardens is recent blog we launched detailing techniques of gardening indoors. We built a custom wordpress site in order to easily add new articles, and edit those that are already there. Having a robust content management service was extremely important. We also handle all the marketing and SEO to drive traffic to the site. Content is created by us, and is optimized to bring in the most traffic. To finish things up we spent some time creating branding to help market the brand.

The Indoor Gardens Mockup The Indoor Gardens Mockup The Indoor Gardens Mockup
The Indoor Gardens Kindle Book

Kindle Book

In addition to their website presence, we also worked to create and publish a Kindle E-book. We helped turn the vast amount of knowledge on the site itself into a self contained book. This invovled research, planning, and writing the content for the publication. Once done we worked to format it correctly, and then get it published for sale on Amazon's vast Kindle library.

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