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Custom software solutions designed for a wide range of bussiness problems.

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A step beyond a simple website, our development team is ready to help you achieve your bussiness goals. We work with you to develop full-scale, database driven applications that your users will love.

Continous Delivery

Continous Delivery

Our process puts an emphasis on early deployments. This gives all stakholders a clear view as to the progress, and allows direction to pivot easily.

User Experience Design

Designed For The User

We take user experience seriously; what good is an idea if no one uses it? We take time to plan, test, and improve on the overall user experience and interactions of your application.

User Experience Design

Daily Feedback

During active development or MVP stage we supply daily updates. You'll be kept in the loop on the exact work done, as well as plans for the next day. This helps keep open lines of communication, and helps to keep an accurate timeline.

User Experience Design

Start With an MVP

A minium Viable Product is a way to test and validate a bussiness idea. Let us set up a 2 week MVP sprint, and get a working product to present to customers in half a month. There's no better way to start your bussiness!

Our Software Development Process

0) Sprints

Our projects are broken into actionable steps called sprints. Each sprint will aim to achieve a specific goal; we plan, design, develop, test, and deploy for each sprint. This creates a continous feedback loop that lasts for the duration of the project.

1) Planning and Research

A good plan is crucial to a successful software project. We start every project and every sprint with a plan for the work to be completed.

2) Design

Here we sketch and design out the elemens of your application. This include several rounds of wireframing for general layout and then high fidelity to designs to really bring your project to life.

3) Develop

Development beigns basd on the planning and design already completed. This is where you app really comes to life and starts to function.

4) Testing & QA

We do an internal round of testing and quality assurance to work out any bugs. This also includes user experience testing where we determine how easy to use the newly developed features are and if steps need to be take to make them easier.

4.5) Feedback

Once we've done our internal testing we present it to you the client in order to get feedback. You'll be given access to an exact copy of what your application in order to test how it will behave in production when you relase it to your customers.

5) Launch

After all the approvals have been signed we help make sure the launch goes smoothly. We'll also provide an additional round of testing to ensure nothing was lost in translation. Once everything is confirmed to be working as intended, we go back to step 1 and repeat for any additional sprints.

Validate Your Product With an MVP

Building software and applications is a huge investment, one that not always gives the returns that are expected. An MVP, or minimium viable product, is a great way to start aquiring ideas and test customers. With our MVP sprint we'll take two weeks to build a base version of your product to start aquiring customers, all for 15k.

How It Works

MVP Kickoff Meeting

Kickoff Meeting

Each project starts off with kickoff meeting to help us understand the vision of your project. We'll go over what your end goals for your application are, and then strip that back to determine the requirements for the MVP.

MVP Feedback

Continous Feedback

You'll be with us every step of the way and will receive daily status updates. We believe in a partnership, and want to as transparent as possible through the course of the project.

MVP Deploy

Daily Deploys

In addition to open communication, we make daily deploys to the testing servers. This gives a funcional and visual gauge of the status of your project, and helps keep you involved every step of the way.

MVP Launch

Functional Product

At the end of 2 weeks you'll have a fully functional product launched and ready to go. Your ready to start growing and gathering users, and are able to validate your idea for a minimal investment of time and money.

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